NOTE: There has been a slight change in the payment process. Please send me your email questions and/or story first and then, once I have received them, I will send you options for providing payment.

Please put "Paid Coaching" in the subject line, so I can distinguish your email from others.

Once I receive your payment it will take 5-7 business days (Monday through Friday, excluding weekends) on average to receive your response. Should I anticipate it taking longer than that for any reason, I will inform you of this via email. Thank you! 🙂

Email Audio Response


Send me your detailed story, question or questions in an email and receive a comprehensive audio response via a unique hyperlink to which only you have access to listen or download at any time.

Think of this as a personalized lecture or seminar designed entirely around your personal story and unique situation. These recordings tend to be quite long—ranging anywhere from 2 to 4 hours—and will provide guidance, clarity and advice to help you move forward on your path towards becoming a more effective deliberate manifestor. 

Furthermore, you will be able to ask any follow-up questions or request clarification on any point or topic I may have covered in response to your situation.


"I have just started coaching with (Tarkan) and I was so pleased with all of his help, knowledge, and advice on manifesting. What really impressed me the most was the way he responded to each and every little thing I said with so much knowledge and advice. You could tell he really was listening and paying a lot of attention to everything I said and I really noticed and appreciated that! Every question I had in my mind he resolved and I enjoyed hearing his perspective and advice on my life's problems and the different situations I presented him with. He is an interesting man to talk to and he seems very intelligent. I also appreciated how he was very tactful and kind in the way he would present his advice."—Electra M.

"Tarkan is the wisest being I've ever encountered. He is very quick and very detailed with his answers. I love that he adds a personal touch and makes things seem very very easy to follow. Definitely recommend his coaching service." - Ritika

"I recommend coaching with Tarkan...after I did coaching, I found out my limiting beliefs. When you send him your story, he truly breaks down every single thing you say and ENCOURAGES you and tells you what to improve if he sees fault. He’s very approachable. He understands what you are going through. He is truly amazing and I can’t thank [him] enough!!!!!!!!" - Lara


After receiving an overwhelming amount of your emails each day, it has become increasingly difficult to reply and respond to you all 1-to-1 regarding your questions. I therefore have decided to offer affordable email coaching packages that will allow you to email me in confidence and in return I will then be able to give you a detailed response, with tips, tools and resources to help you.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be only one coaching package available for the time being. This is to maximize workflow and productivity, but also to give you a more streamlined coaching experience. You will no longer receive a written response from me, but rather an audio response, which you can access and download privately whenever you wish. Furthermore, the link will lead you to a page with a comment section where you can ask me follow-up questions and to clarify anything, should you need to.

I have been asked about live one-on-one coaching and, unfortunately, this is not convenient for me to offer at this point in time. This may change in the near and you can keep checking this page for updates.

Thank you so much for your interest in my coaching service. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

More About The Emails

Once purchased please email your question(s) to Please be sure to include your PayPal email address if it’s different to the one you email me from, and please do get as specific as possible. Also, please make put "Email Coaching" in the subject line, so that it stands out to me and doesn’t get missed. Let me know as much as possible about your situation so that I can give you the best reply. Please allow 3-5 business days for me to reply to your questions, if demand is extremely high at any point then I will email you to let you know a rough estimate of when you can expect to receive your reply.

Please note that once I’ve responded to your email—and if you’ve only purchased one—I won’t be able to reply further unless a new package has been purchased (except briefly within the comment section of your already purchased audio response). Please make sure to get really specific in your email to me, so that in return I can be specific for you too. Email packages once purchased are non-refundable unless I can’t fulfill them for any reason – then a full refund will be issued. I look forward to hearing from you!